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What are NeoBux Earning Tips & Tricks Strategies?

1. NeoBux Background

Before we start discussing about the NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategy, let us briefly discuss what is NeoBux really about.NeoBux is an innovative modern PTC (Paid To Click) website, and this is not the PTC site you used to know. Unlike many other PTC sites, NeoBux goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.

NeoBux site is completely designed from scratch because, as users of other PTC sites NeoBux were sure that, besides many other offers, none could give us what we wanted as users or advertisers.

NeoBux for sure is the innovation in PTC that you can actually make some money. You get paid by clicking on advertisers’ Ads, typically $0.01 per Click. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you employ a good strategy, particularly with the magic of “NeoBux Rent Referral”, you will be in an auto-pilot state collecting money 24/7. You can easily make up to $9,000 per year extra money with NeoBux.

And because rent-a-ref is such a unique and important feature, most of NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategies are essentially related to how you deal with referrals renting.


If you are good at convincing people or if you have big community network to join NeoBux under your referral name, you can enjoy some nice earning in NeoBux as a standard member. Otherwise, it is very hard for standard members to make real meaningful money. “How about renting referrals?” You may ask. Sorry to tell you, it is not profitable to rent referrals as a standard member. You have to keep your AVG (average clicks per day per ref) above 2.0 to make a profit. Otherwise, you could probably even lose money. Why? The reason is simple, you only get 50% earning from your referrals.

For the purpose of discussion, let us assume you paid $30 for 100 referrals, so each referral costs you $3 per month. The referral has to click 60 ads (2 clicks per day) just for you to break even.

Your Earning = 2*30*$0.01*50% = $3

your profit = $3- $3 = $0 

Is it possible to rent hard-working referrals to keep AVG above 2, 3, or 4? Yes, it is possible, only if you are very lucky and rent only a few referrals. If you try to rent more than 50 referrals, then statistics rules, that is, an AVG of 1.5 to 2.0.
My recommendation is, don’t even try to rent a large number of referrals if you are a standard member. However, this is the tricky part, you probably need to rent a certain number of referrals (200 -300) before you upgrade to Gold membership soon because it is easier to rent as a standard member than a gold member.


Gold member, on the other hand, requires lower average number of clicks (AVG) from referrals to break even. So if the AVG is above 1.0, you are basically in profit already. Lot of people may have written about NeoBux on internet. Some showed their payment proof, some showed the basics of NeoBux, and very few explained the details how they made money with NeoBux, particulaily using the referral renting feature. What I am going to show you is the step by step implementation of a good and scientific sound NeoBux Tips and Tricks Strategy. The banner above shows my current earning, it is not a whole lot now, but it matches closely to the earning schedule below, and I encourage you check back frequently to see how it goes.


Week 1 – First you will need to create a Paypal account to pay as mentioned below

So let’s start : Most you are not familiar with earnings with paid to click. That’s why I want to show you my step-by-step guide (that won’t be very hard for you, but it will be I have an video guide to show you)

Manual Steps To Complete :
Step 1 : Register a PayPal or AlertPay account

Step 2 : Download FireFox

Step 3 : Create a new Gmail Account (for your Security Aspect)

Step 4 : Take a look at the best websites that pay you to click (located below, make sure you read the reviews of all websites to register at)

Rent 100 referrals, NeoBux charges $25/month($6.25/week) for 100 rented referrals. Although you can start FREE to accumulate your earning to rent referrals, putting a small amount of money will accelerate the process a lot, and your earning will be much more than your investment pretty soon. Statistically, the number of clicks for a referral is 1.5 per day, so
Week 1 Earning =100*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks)=$10.8
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals)

Week 2 – Rent another 100 Referrals, so
Week 2 Earning = 200*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $21.3
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals) + $11.3 (referral renewal) + 1.6 (recycling) = $37.9

(1). You can only register as Standard Membership for the first couple of weeks, and the earning is $0.005/click for referrals (We simplied the calculate here using $0.01 for the first two weeks).
(2). NeoBux has an “Autopay” feature for rent referral renewal with 10% discount and assume 25% of the referrals will be renewed. i.e., so weekly renewal cost = 200*25%($25/100)*0.9 = $11.3
(3) Assume 10% recycling rate, i.e., 10% of referrals will be recycled each week, the recycling cost = 200*10%*0.08= $1.6

Week 3 – Rent another 100 Referrals, and upgrade to Golden Membership for $90 per year. This is highly recommended because you will earn $0.01 per click for your referrals to double your earning. So,
Week 3 Earning = 300*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $32.2
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $16.9 (rent renewal) + $2.4 (recycling) + $90 (membership) = $134.3

In the following weeks, you repeat the same thing adding 100 referrals every week. You can reinvest the earning to rent referrals. Of course, you need to spend 10-20 minutes a day to click a few Ads; otherwise the earnings from referrals will not be credited to your account. You can refer to the table and figure above for the earning and cost for each weeks. Please also note that you will need around $150 initial investment to get started to accelerate the earning.

Week 20 – By now, you should have reached the 2000 referrals limit by reinvesting what you have earned to rent more referrals every week.

Week 20 Earning = 2000*1.5*7*0.01 (Refs clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (Self Clicks) = $210.7
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $153.5
Profit = $210.7 – $153.5 = $57.2

From this point on, the earning and cost will be stabilized, because you have reached the 2000 rented referrals limit. Since you can’t buy new referrals any more, your cost will be only for referral renewal and recycling, which is $112.5 (rent renewal) + $16 (recycling) = $128.5. Your earning will still be$210.7 per week (same as week 20). Therefore, your weekly profit becomes $210.7 – $128.5 = $82.2 per week, or $356 per month! That doesn’t sound too bad, right?


How much can you earn from PTC sites?

Top 3 PTC sites Join Now:

ClixsenseNeobux  and Probux 

This was the question that came in my mind when I’d found the PTC sites for the first time. Now, the answer for this question is different from one PTC to another.
For example if you click on 6 ads/day each bringing you $0.01 and with $0.01 earned for every referral click, here’s what you will have at the end of the day:
$0.06 for your clicks
$1.20 for your referrals clicks (let’s say you have only 20 referrals)
Then, your daily earnings will become $1.26; your monthly earning will be $37.80; annual earning…well you got the point…
This example was for only 6 ads per day and only 20 referrals, but usually there is nothing stopping you from getting more and more people signup to these kind of websites, and also usually there are more than 6 ads per day on a free membership (a paid membership brings you either more ads per day either better paid ads).
Now you can say… “I don’t know how to bring referrals” and still you would have no problem at all because you can buy referrals, or even rent them from your PTC site. There is still a downside to renting referrals, and that is – some of them will be inactive therefore will not help you too much, so you could start renting small packages of refs, see how they work and then pass on to a bigger package.
Most of all you shouldn’t rush in buying refs if you do not trust the PTC 100%. First search for information about that PTC, then test it and only after you had no problems with it you can

What is a referral?

JOIN NOW Top 3 PTC sites

ClixsenseNeobux  and Probux 

A PTC referral is a person that joins a PTC site through your referral link or a person that opened an account at the PTC site and that is attributed to your account by the PTC administrator through the process of renting or buying.

There are 2 PTC referrals types of categories:
1. Depending on the way you get them:
a) Direct referrals;
A direct PTC referral is the person that joins the PTC site through your referral link, from another website, blog, forum or wherever they found your link…

b) Rented PTC referrals;
Most of the PTC sites are renting referrals for certain fees. This is possible because there are people that joined the PTC without being referred by other members.
c) Bought PTC referrals;
Some of the paying PTC sites don’t just rent referrals they also sell them.

2. Depending on the referrals activity within the PTC website:
a) Active PTC referral:
An active PTC referral is a person that click on the ads available in the PTC account every day just like you.
For example: let’s say you’ve referred a person to Neobux  and you both have 4 ads every day to click on then this person is an active PTC referrals if he clicks on the 4 ads day after day.

b) Inactive PTC referral:
A PTC referral that is inactive is a person you from your downline that doesn’t clik on the ads available in within the PTC website therefore it brings you no profit.
Inactive referrals can be recycled if they were rented and deleted if they were referred through your link or even if they were also rented.
There is really no point keeping the referrals if they are inactive – they represent people that probably forgot about that account.

As for the money you can make with a PTC site… your profit is directly proportional with the number of active referrals you have in your downline.

What is a PTC Site?

A PTC (Paid To Click) is a website that pays its member for the ads they click and view, on a daily basis.
PTC is the connection between advertisers and its potential clients (in this case the PTC’s members). The advertiser pays a fee to the PTC and then the PTC shares a part of that fee with its members, with the only condition that the members click and view the ads.
I hope the next image will make you understand better how things work:

So, in order to earn money from a PTC site, you will have to click on a list of ads shown in your PTC member area, on a daily basis. Why on a daily basis?-because usually the PTC sites penalize the inactivity.
The number of ads in a list differs from one PTC to another, but there are no more than 15-20 ads in 24 hours.
Clicking the ads can bring you from $0.001/click to $0.01/click. I know that doesn’t seem too much, but if you count the fact that you will click on more than 5 ads/PTC/day, and also you will be active in more than 5 PTC’s, and you can earn also from every referral you bring to a PTC site well the amount earned increases considerably.
Every PTC has its own terms of service, rules and regulations, but also each one comes with a bunch of other offers for you like bonuses, contests, earn money from reading emails, earn money from signups. These particular things you will discover within every PTC member area.
One thing is also worth mentioning is that once you register to a PTC, your IP address is saved somewhere in their databases and you cannot hold 2 accounts to the same PTC, from the same computer (excepting the fact that no PTC allows its members to have more than 1 membership account).

Top 3 trusted PTC sites:

Clixsense, Neobux  and Probux  most trusted sites