How much can you earn from PTC sites?

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ClixsenseNeobux  and Probux 

This was the question that came in my mind when I’d found the PTC sites for the first time. Now, the answer for this question is different from one PTC to another.
For example if you click on 6 ads/day each bringing you $0.01 and with $0.01 earned for every referral click, here’s what you will have at the end of the day:
$0.06 for your clicks
$1.20 for your referrals clicks (let’s say you have only 20 referrals)
Then, your daily earnings will become $1.26; your monthly earning will be $37.80; annual earning…well you got the point…
This example was for only 6 ads per day and only 20 referrals, but usually there is nothing stopping you from getting more and more people signup to these kind of websites, and also usually there are more than 6 ads per day on a free membership (a paid membership brings you either more ads per day either better paid ads).
Now you can say… “I don’t know how to bring referrals” and still you would have no problem at all because you can buy referrals, or even rent them from your PTC site. There is still a downside to renting referrals, and that is – some of them will be inactive therefore will not help you too much, so you could start renting small packages of refs, see how they work and then pass on to a bigger package.
Most of all you shouldn’t rush in buying refs if you do not trust the PTC 100%. First search for information about that PTC, then test it and only after you had no problems with it you can


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